Terms & Conditions

Last updated 22 October 2019

General Information

1. Please note that my site contains a blog and that, as such, the content of the site will change on a regular basis.

2. The opinions published by me on my blog are personal to me, and are based exclusively on my own opinions and my life experiences.

3. The content of my blog is and will always be published accurately, but there may be errors, omissions or mistakes for which I cannot be held liable.

4. The information contained on my blog is not and may not be considered to be professional advice. Should you elect to rely on any such information you do so at your own risk.

5. Copyright in all blog content authored by me vests exclusively in me, and no reproduction of such content is permitted without my express written consent.

6. I state whether products have been gifted to me, or whether I purchased them.  I also state when posts are paid-for advertisements.

Promises I make to Brands and to my Audience

I promise brands that:
I will always market their products as I would one of my own
I will only ever partner with brands that I trust and value

I can’t promise brands that:
The content of my blog and any advice given by me is in any way guaranteed to enhance product sale. I will obviously do my best, however, to achieve this outcome.

I promise my followers:
To only share my honest opinion
To always show you my true self (even if that’s hard), and I will never just show you the highlight package

I can’t promise my followers:
That what works for me will work for you
That you will enjoy a product or its benefits in the same way that I do


We reserve the right to make changes to this Terms & Conditions statement.

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